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At REALIFE Cooperative, you'll find many opportunities for socializing and leisure activities, social gatherings, educational workshops, and other special events that are held in our community center, "The Great Room."  Other amenities include a van service, fitness/exercise center, activity/billiard room, library/computer room, workshop, outdoor patio with barbecue grill, beautiful garden plots, and guest rooms for visiting families and friends.

Our monthly newsletter, Realife Information Bulletin, provides valuable information for members.  Topics include activities & special events, thank you notes, administrative updates (called "Hot Flashes from the Office"), items of humor and inspiration, word picture puzzlers, birthdays & anniversaries of members, and a monthly calendar of events. The monthly newsletter is also sent out twice a year to all members of the wait list.

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Sample Weekly Calendar


  •   9:30 Sit & Exercise
  •   10:00 Women's Coffee
  •   1:00 Pinochle
  •   Foot Clinic (Twice a month)


  •   8:30 Grocery Van Run
  •   10:00 Birthday & Anniversary Party (1st Tues. of month)
  •   1:00 Cards
  •   2:50 Bookmobile visits (Twice a month)


    Marilyn's Beauty Shop

  •   9:30 Sit & Exercise
  •   10:00 Men's Coffee
  •   2:00 Bingo
  •   5:30 Catered Dinner (last Wednesday of month)


  •   8:30 Board Meeting (3rd Thursday of month)
  •   10:00 Informational Session (3rd Thursday of month)
  •   5:30 Potluck/Monthly Meal (2nd Thursday of month)
  •   7:00 Cards


  •   9:15  Grocery Van Run
  •   9:30  Sit & Exercise
  •   10:45 Bible Study (sponsored by member)
  •   1:00 Dominoes


Activities are organized occasionally.


Activities are organized occasionally.


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